Lee Hollingsworth

First Time Buyer

Client’s first car purchase takes a personal touch

Widowed in 2011, this 55 year-old client had never bought a car on her own. Her husband had always handled the finances, so there was really no need.

“Can I really afford it, Lee?”

After a review of long-term strategy – the portfolio left to her had to support her the rest of her life – the amount was considered prudent.

Determined to educate herself on car buying, she first took advice on websites and data gathering from Lee and her CPA, Walter Troxel. Armed with this info, she insisted on going to the dealership herself, despite offers to accompany her. She liberally employed the suggested tactic of using the expression “I have to check with my advisors” whenever pressed to spend more. It worked. The dealer was worn down, and she drove out with a wonderful new car, at a rock bottom price, and the confidence of knowing she CAN do this…

Fighting Dementia

A fellow Rotarian was showing increasing signs of dementia, along with his wife. He had sizable assets at risk because of his failing memory, his susceptibility to scams, and increasing family friction.

Lee physically carried him into local attorney’s office and oversaw the creation of a trust to protect assets, just before he was officially declared incompetent. In addition, Lee went to his house multiple times to bring order to bills, finances, home health care, and family relations. Eventually Lee was able to protect the assets, increase family cooperation, facilitate VA benefits, and have the client and his wife placed in the full time care facility they desperately needed.